Precision Focus provide unmatched aerial media for events and sports coverage. Our highly experienced pilots, camera operators, fast agile drones and selection of lenses all come together to capture vision that is truly world class. 

With prices starting at $500 for a half day and $900 for a full day booking you can afford to have amazing coverage of your next event. Our live HD down links enable you to get live video feeds for media screens and live broadcast.

Events Aerial Photography


  • 5 years commercial drone piloting experience
  • 100% clean safety record
  • Nimble, high powered, professional drones capable of speeds around 100kph
  • Custom built chase drones capable of extreme maneuvers and speeds of up to 160kph
  • Cinema grade cameras
  • 1080P HD live downlink available
  • Zoom lenses so we can get close up shots while maintaining a safe distance
  • Smooth footage
  • CASA Certified
  • CASA night rating and low light capable cameras
  • Experience working at CAMS events
  • Experiance working at Barbagallo Raceway


Precision Focus was asked to capture aerial video footage of the Boddington Safari Rally, edit the footage into a short video to promote the event and get maximum exposure through social media.  

We conducted a detailed risk assessment and safety plan to ensure the event could be filmed in accordance with CAMS strict safety requirements.

Media was captured with various lenses and in a variety of formats to allow for slow motion, wide angle shots and close in action shots with our zoom lens.

Precision Focus produced a complete edited video within 3 days of the event to ensure relevance, the finished product can be viewed to the right. We conducted and in depth organic Facebook  campaign to get maximum exposure.


Our social media strategy and quality production enabled the video to be picked up and shared by Perth Now getting over 25,000 views. With our own internal campaign reaching 4000 views we were able to get the video watched by around 29,000 people within 2 weeks of the event.

The rally organisers were over the moon with the amount of exposure we were able to get for the event and extremely happy with our level of professionalism and the quality of the footage we are able to capture.


Precision focus have developed a custom built chase drone that can capture incredible close footage of action sports. It is capable of aerobatic maneuvers and can travel at speeds of around 160kph. The drones are light weight and at only 700 grams they pose no threat to motor sports participants inside cars and protected by racing safety equipment.

Along with our highly skilled pilots we are able to capture footage that will make your viewers go WOW!  This type of footage is great for promotions as viewers are very likely to comment, like and share your video.

Check out our footage from the local drift event series at Barbagallo Raceway ->


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