EYE-VU Real Estate Aerial Photography

Are you tired of aerial photography that makes your points of interest look like they are tiny specs in the distance?

Most drones use a wide angle lens which makes things look farther away than they would to the human eye. At Precision Focus we have made our cinema grade EYE-VU lens available for Real Estate aerial photography. This lens compresses the image to bring points of interest closer to the subject property without losing any resolution. We call it EYE-VU because the perspective is identical to what the eye would see hence it is not misleading.

EYE-VU Example

The image above was taken near the coast at City Beach over 8 km away. In this setting a city perspective from a normal drone would be almost pointless. As you can see our EYE-VU lens bring the property significantly closer to the city. 

EYE-VU Example 2

In the example above you can see once again how the city is drawn toward the property. Another advantage of our EYE-VU lens is that it reduces roof area showing more of the front of the house rather than roof at the same altitude. It can also help mask undesirable things behind a property like the construction happening behind this property. This works just as well for roads and highways etc. These two images where taken at exactly the same altitude.

EYE-VU Example 3

In a coastal setting the same remains true. The coast looks closer with the added benefit of making the ocean look bigger compared to the land mass. This is not a Photoshop trick, these images have not been distorted and are in full resolution detail. Precision Focus EYE-VU brings a new dimension to real estate aerial photography!

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  • Pioneered in Perth by Precision Focus. Don't stand for imitations
  • Bring points of interest closer
  • Reduce visibility of eyesores or highways behind a property
  • Shows more of the front of the building and less roof
  • Can be used to increase the size of ocean compared to land mass while retaining property detail
  • Not misleading as it is a similar view point to the human eye
  • Unique cinematic view point gives you an advantage in a sea of wide angle drone shots
  • Works just as well for aerial video
  • Same price as you would pay for a normal high quality real estate aerial shoot with some of our competitors

EYE-VU is only suitable for certain angles so we provide specific EYE-VU angles where suitable in addition to all the regular wide lens angle photos you would expect from a high quality real estate aerial shoot. This way you get the best of both worlds. All images are shot in RAW, individually processed, color graded and cropped to perfection. We also include 3 x property overlays custom designed to suit your brand all for only $250 + GST