One stop video production

Whether you need raw aerial footage or a fully edited production we've got you covered.

With over 300 hours of commercial piloting experience our pilots know how to set up a shot, keep it in perfect frame and create smooth long takes allowing editors to pick the exact components they need to for your epic production. We love getting difficult shots whether its flying through trees or getting close shots chasing a car you can be sure Precision Focus can get the job done safely.

Aerial Ineractive 360 Panorama

Precision Focus can capture amazing aerial interactive 360 degree panoramas of your location. We take a total of 36 images and stitch them into one seamless 250 megapixel image with full 360 degree freedom left to right and 180 degrees up and down allowing the viewer to look anywhere. At this high resolution its possible for the viewer to zoom in and get incredible detail of whatever they want to look at.

Complete Video PRODUCTION

Beautiful video clips are not much good without video production and editing to convey your story. We provide in house editing and production services including 3D effects and voiceover. By covering everything from directing to shooting to production in house your video will have a high level of flow and continuity.

Real estate Aerial Photography

Precision Focus provide specialist real estate photography services. Our real estate aerial photography packages include dimension overlays, which highlight the property and surrounding areas of interest. Stunning edited real estate videos are available to showcase your property to its fullest potential.


We'll let our video do the talking..... oh and turn up the volume!

About US

We love what we do and it's our passion that drives us to deliver the best possible results every time.

Precision Focus is a Perth based fully insured, CASA certified aerial cinematography and aerial photography business. Precision Focus specialise in getting difficult drone shots to promote your business or event. We have a passion for flying all things remote controlled and have spent a life time perfecting the skills we need to get you breathtaking aerial footage. Whether you need to track a moving subject, fly through a small gap in the trees, majestically orbit a structure or create a smooth flowing flight path that hits its target at every stage Precision Focus will get you your perfect take.

The best shots are usually captured in difficult lighting conditions thats why we use the best aerial camera systems available including DJI's new super 35 X7. Coupled with RAW processing we can capture spectacular low light imagery and video. We complete the cycle by offering in house production and editing services so you don't need to run around finding multiple vendors to wrap up your project. By handling your production from start to finish we can deliver a smooth flowing and integrated production.


    And fully insured

  • 300+ HRS

    Flight Experience

  • 100% Safety record

    No crashes on commercial jobs

  • 1000'S OF JOBS

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